This American Journey (2013)


As children, British actor Paul Blackthorne and Australian photographer Mister Basquali both fell in love with America. Later they each fulfilled their dream to live here, but after two wars, a near economic collapse, and uncertainty about the country’s direction, these two expats began to have doubts — was America still the great place they once dreamed of? They drive across America to find out, interviewing random people about issues that affect and confront us all. From the ghetto to the gun show, the courthouse to the cattle yard, they are touched by the wisdom and insight of the people they meet.
This American Journey is a cinematic postcard from the people to the people, teaching us that hearts can be healed at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected places.



Hip Hop music video ‘GodOfWarSpeed’ from the album 303’s and Heartburn
Featuring artist Escher
Produced by Brooklyn Gypsy & Throwback Sodapop
Filmed and edited at The DRUM BUNNY studios
Mixing by Throwback Sodapop & Vast U

Color by Numbers with Yosh Han


Oct, 2013

San Francisco-based perfumer Yosh Han is the first to admit that reading someone’s aura sounds a bit esoteric, which is why, rather than explaining how she goes about color coding the seven chakra’s of someone’s energy, she decided to show us instead. Yosh stopped by Bergamot’s office in Brooklyn on her way back west from a recent trip to London last month to give fellow perfumer, new mom and company co-founder Anne McClain an aura reading. Turn’s out Anne’s aura wasn’t purple like the guy’s in Almost Famous, but her future looks bright all the same.